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HD Perfecting Powder Prestiage Size

  • $ 2100

How to Do Eye Makeup Like Keri Hilson -- This High Definition Powder is a must-have powder that creates a matte, flawless makeup finish. HD Powder leaves a velvet feel and applies to skin completely colorless. This is the perfect finishing powder to any look. Use HD Powder on neck and decollete for a perfectly polished look.  Key Benefits:
-Universal Shade
-Goes on completely colorless
-Keeps makeup in place all day long
-Longwear to prevent any creasing or smearing throughout the day
-Leaves the face with a silky velvet feel
-Leaves you looking “Photo-shoot” ready
-Prevents flashback
MANNA'S TIPS Apply all over the face once you have completed your makeup look. This will help create a photo finished look and prevent any black flash from cameras.  A second tip, is to use this product on top of any foundation or BB cream to keep in place all day and prevent any creasing. Great product to use for the hottest trend, baking! Simply dip a sponge into the product and layer the HD Powder under the eyes and let it sit for 3-5 minutes or your desired wait time. Wipe off excess product with a brush and you are good to go! This will help make your eyes appear more awake and keep any shadow or eyeliner from creasing.

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