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Glass Jar Organizer - 20pc Facial Razor Set


Flawless and fabulous, that’s how your brows and face will look after using these easy razors. Whether you are looking to remove a little peach fuzz, or tidy up an out of line brow, we’ve got you covered. Manna Kadar's razors can leave skin feeling smoother by removing dead skin as you gently and safely remove hair, allowing for a smoother makeup application.



Glass Jar

20 Facial Razors

  • Use between the brows to remove fine hairs located over the nose. Use small strokes to avoid cutting away too much hair.
  • Trim each row of brow hair a little at a time until you achieve a softer, more balanced brow.
  • Tweeze any unwanted hairs that aren’t attached to the brow itself (along the brow bone, or in between the brows above the nose).
  • Fill in your brows with brow powder (not included) that matches your natural brow color to define your brows if needed.

  • Remove all makeup. Wet the blade with warm water and begin shaving the face with downward strokes in the same direction as the hair growth.
  • Move the blade gently across cheeks, jawline, and forehead.
  • Remember to rinse the blade frequently to remove hair and dead skin cells as you go.
  • After you finish, go over your face with the blade again, but this time against the growth.
  • After you are satisfied with the removal, rinse face, and pat dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer to complete the process.



Use the jar to hold hair accessories or cotton balls when disposable razors are gone.



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