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LED Glam Mirror

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Create your makeup look with the perfect lighting! This amazing mirror provides you with LED lights to help you create a flawless application. The light can be adjusted for greater or reduced light intensity to give perfect lighting anywhere and everywhere. This cordless feature makes it great to take with you on the go or keep at home as vanity mirror. Great gift for any occasion or to treat yourself! This new and improved mirror is able to turn both vertically and horizontally.

Requires 4 AA Batteries (included)

Dimensions: Length- 7 x Width- 1 x Height- 12 inches

Bring your Glam Mirror with you on the go during travel! Lightweight and perfectly portable to take with you during trips or hotels stays.

Installing your 4 AA Batteries:

  • Keep the mirror unattached from the flat bottom platform
  • Lay a cloth surface that won't scratch the mirror surface on top of a sturdy surface like a table
  • Place the mirror (mirror side down) on top of the cloth surface and table
  • As you apply slight pressure on the backside of the mirror with one hand, use your thumbnail of your freehand to push into the notch of the battery housing lid - as you push inward, pull the lid upwards
  • Place the 4 AA batteries inside and close the lid

Turning On and Adjusting the Light Intensity:

  • Flip the back switch to the symbol that resembles a dash
  • Place the mirror stand into the flat bottom platform, display where you would like, and touch the front bottom circle to turn the mirror on and off
  • Firmly press the circle on the front to illuminate the lights
  • Be sure your thumb is covering the circle
  • Press and hold the circle to reduce the light intensity
  • When not in use, flip the back switch to the O symbol to save standby power consumption


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