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Cocktail In Style With Manna

How to create an exquisite bar cart so that you can entertain in style.

We are home more than ever these days and we want to make sure that you're cocktailing in style, so let's put our bar-cart together!

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A few must haves:

1. Bar Cart

First, you will need a bar cart, duh! 

2. Flowers

With no exceptions – every vignette should include something living.

3. Your choice of libations 

This kind of goes without saying that you need booze for your bar cart, but I like to include some pretty bottles to put on display. I'm a Rosé all day gal!

4. Books

Adding a book or two not only adds character but it can also be used to create levels.

5. Glasses

This is another given on any bar cart to add style and symmetry, and I love incorporating a couple of fancy wine glasses to add to compliment my elegant style.

6. Candles

Candles are always a great idea. They smell amazing and create the ambiance for a fun night. This time around, I used tappers and tall candles to create level and balance.

7. Ice

You'll need some ice to keep your drinks cold. Get creative by freezing some flowers into your ice cubes. 

8. Decorative object

This will add a bit of personality and interest to your vignette. I go back and forth on putting something decorative vs functional in my bar cart.

Now go forth and get your bar cart styling on! And when you are done, sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail and enjoy your company!


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