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Diy Partyscape

Diy Partyscape

What is a partyscape you ask?

It is an ensemble of floral arrangements and tablescape for a party. Today I am sharing a few tips with you on how I created a quick and easy partyscape for my friend Sara's birthday brunch.

1. Floral Arrangements

First, I begin with the florals! I enjoy creating my own floral arrangements because it comes from the heart and is easy to assemble. It's very hard to find flowers at the moment but we were able to find just what we needed from our local trader joes store.

Tip #1

  • I like to add a green floral foam to my vase. This will make it easier to pop in the flowers and prolong the life of the flowers. All you have to do is fill up the vase with water and you're ready to go!

Tip #2

  • Begin your arrangement with hydrangeas. They are full and takes up a lot of space which gives you a great base to start with.

Tip #3

  • Find flowers that are complementary to each other and pop them around the hydrangeas.

Tip #4

  • Add symmetry to your arrangement to give it balance. If a flower looks out of place, it's easy to pop it out and move them around thanks to the green foam! LIFESAVER!!

Tip #5

  • Fill up the vase and add 1-2 accent flowers to create a focal point.

Tip #6

  • Flowers in bunches are great for dimension and makes your arrangement look full.

Tip #7

  • Adding succulents gives your arrangement character and a pop of color. I like to add a green stick to the succulent to help bring water in, this also makes it easier to pop it into the green foam.

Part 2: DIY Hexagon place cards

Place cards are a must and such a unique way to personalize the table and keep it classy. I found the most cost efficient way was to order the acrylic place cards from amazon.

Then, I used an acrylic paint to brush some strokes on one side. Once it dries, I turn it around to write the name on the other side and wala, we are done!

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Make sure to tune in on our IGTV here: {}

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