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Milk Bath Nails: The Prettiest Nail Art Trend To Try

One of the hottest new trends in acrylics is the Milk Bath Nails. Taking the dreamy self-care milk bath you've seen all over instagram and transforming it into a dreamy nail art.

In today's video blog, we are taking you behind the scenes with our CEO/founder Manna Kadar. Manna is getting ready for her staycation, and her first stop is her nail appointment!

Getting her nails done is a must, and one of her secret weapons is her nail tech extraordinaire JoLe, she sure has mastered the Milk Bath Nails! So join us, and be sure to pin it for future reference. We know you'll want to try it.

First, JoLe began the manicure by preparing all of the floral appliques into tiny pieces. You can basically use any little decals that you fancy. Who knew how much work goes into this but she sure made it look easy. 

After applying all of the floral pieces with a tweezer, she added gold foil pieces to the nail design and encapsulating them into an acrylic base with a milky white acrylic layer on top of the design. This gives the nails a cloudy 3D haze effect.

We love the feminine results of this nail design. It's long lasting and so beautiful for any occasion.


See video here:



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