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Festive Halloween Charcuterie Board

Happy Friday 🎉 In honor of Halloween 🎃 Our CEO, Manna is sharing with you a fun & festive charcuterie board that you can create this season to WOW your guests. We're all about making everything pretty here at Manna Kadar Beauty, so here is our little touch on Halloween. Hope you enjoy it!

Watch FULL video here:  Halloween Charcuterie IGTV

On today's blog, we're talking about all things Halloweenie. Charcuterie boards are a fan fave, so we're spicing it up for this season's festivities. It's perfect for a Halloween party, or as a snack tray if you have a spooky movie night planned with your friends and family. Keep reading for our simple tips on building your very own.

Charcuterie boards are all the rage for entertaining these days and they're super simple to make. It's a great conversation starter, and a focal point for gathering. You can customize them to your liking and tailor them for each event. The biggest key here is to have many options, people love options!

Let's begin by gathering a huge platter board or tray, and don't forget all the treats. You want to make sure it fits in your theme. The key to a perfect charcuterie spread is textures, colors, and of course lots and lots of options! Make sure to keep that in mind when you are out shopping for treats.

Adding festive touches like eyeballs to mini cupcakes can spice up your platter. It's a super simple diy that makes a huge statement!

You want to make sure to pull out small bowls, this add layers to your tray and can also be used as a food divider. This will also make your platter look full. We found the perfect pumpkin jar, which we used as a centerpiece.

You can find all of the themed cookies, cupcakes and muffins at your local grocery store, we recommend going to a few just to find different assortments and variety. The dollar store is also a great place to find affordable decorative pieces like these gravestones. Our final touch to our board is a skeleton hand! Spoooky!!!

As you can see, we placed everything right next to each other, and overlapped a few treats. Simply follow these tips and tricks, and you'll be on your way to having a beautiful, festive spread for your next party!

Stay tuned, up next we're decorating our Halloween Bar Cart. You don't want to miss this!



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