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How to Add Lip Oils to your Beauty Routine

Winter is still in full force and isn’t ending any time soon. That means it’s crucial to protect your skin, especially your lips, during these colder months. Now, you may be thinking that the products you use in the summer can just as easily be used in the winter. There’s no rule that says you can’t do this, but there is a better way to protect your skin and wear more winter-friendly makeup looks.

Our answer to the never-ending battle between your skin and cold weather? Manna Kadar’s Renewing Lip Oil! It was made to completely hydrate, apply smoothly, and leave your lips looking glossier than they’ve ever looked. It’s basically the answer to your prayers, your savior, and everything in between.

It will become your new go-to lip product whenever the cold weather rolls around. You won’t need your matte lipsticks, liquid lips, or lip tints. Because in all honesty who wants to put a matte lipstick on top of chapped lips? The only solution: our lip oil. If you can’t seem to part ways with your beloved lip products, then we have another solution to making sure your lips stay moisturized in the cold weather: simply put our lip oil on top of your favorite lip product! We know it might be an adjustment, at first, to immediately change your ways to something completely different than what you’re used to. But the moisturizing, glossy goodness of our lip oil will reassure you and make it your new must-have.


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