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The Beauty of Success, Business Simplified Part I

The Beauty of Success, Business Simplified Part I

Manna's Tips & Tools For Success

Today we are taking you behind the scenes of the most frequently asked question:

"How did you get to where you are today and what are your Secrets to Success?"

We get this question a lot, and while there is no right answer for this, there is a lot that goes into Manna's Success story. As a self-made, self-funded minority CEO of one of OC Fastest Growing Companies, Manna's secrets to success simply lies in her daily routine. Let's dive into the first part of our Secrets for Success video series, where Manna walks you through a few tips and tools that have worked for her so far.

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1. Plan Plan Plan!

Planning is very crucial in the life of our CEO, Manna Kadar. With her days filled with events, meetings, virtual happy hour, or the kid's swim practices, it is important for her to write down her priorities on a daily basis so that she can get her "One Thing" done. Her go-to planner is the Clever Fox Plannerwhich not only helps her track her goals, but also her daily water intake and many other. She spends about 10 minutes every morning reflecting on what she needs to do for the day and how she's going to execute them.


2. Read and Always Keep Learning

Manna is a voracious reader, she reads 60 + books a year. It's super important to continuously educate yourself and learn. Her current favorite read is "The One Thing" by Gary W. Keller. This book has been very impactful for both Manna and the company. It talks about finding what your one thing is and putting all of your energy and resources to work towards that one thing. Manna is also a part of multiple book clubs, with her team and her circle of trust.


3. Working Out

One of the things Manna learned about studying very successful people is that they work out, and they read. It keeps you productive and confident to conquer anything, plus you get great results. 


4. Life Coach

We cannot get to where we want alone. Manna has a team of people that help her in various ways, from her relationship to her business! Manna has a Life Coach, she works with Mr. Kevin DeAllen to figure out what her professional and personal goals are. Kevin also serves as a Birkman coach for the team! It's super important to have someone you can go to for guidance during this challenging time and keeps you on track to where you want to go.


5. Having a Circle of Trust 

It is super important to create and cultivate a circle of trust. Who is the group of friends you can go to for anything, from sharing an idea, to supporting you through any personal problem you may be struggling with? Having a circle of honest friends who you can relate to and trust is a vital part of success, they will empower you and keep you motivated, plus girl time is always a must in our books!


6. Passion Projects

Manna is involved in many philanthropies and groups where she can make a change while giving back. One of her passion projects is called Gen-Next, which is a caused-based group aka social avengers, where they try to fight things like human trafficking, creating more educational opportunities for the youth, raising money for Miracles for Kids, and many many more! It's all about making a difference that fills Manna's heart! 


7. CEO Forum

Manna is also a part of a professional circle of trust called her CEO forum, these are 13 other entrepreneurs that get together on a monthly basis to discuss and tackle all the challenges faced in their businesses. They are dedicated individuals from different industries that have an interest in seeing your company grow, so they come up with solutions to problems that arise.


8. Networking

Last but not least is Networking. We're not talking about the traditional networking where you pass out business cards, we're talking about building relationships! One of the reasons why Manna's company is successful is that she takes pride in building authentic relationships with every single one of her team members, vendors, customers, and even the delivery guys! These are all people that help you get to where you want to be, and it's really important to take the time to cultivate those relationships.

These are just a few things that Manna works on daily, monthly, yearly to help get to where she wants to be in her dream of success. 

Thank you for making it to the end, don't forget to watch the full video here:

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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