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The Beauty of Success, Business Simplified Part 2

The Beauty of Success, Business Simplified Part 2

Many people have asked Founder/CEO Manna Kadar, “How do you get to where you are? What did you do?”, so here are more tips and tricks that help Manna stay on track each day and achieve her success.

Let’s dive into the second part of our Secrets for Success video series, where Manna walks you through the things that help guide her through each day as an entrepreneur.

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1. Begin Your Day With Peace, Positivity & Power!

Manna is obsessed with the book, ​The 5am Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life, ​by Robin Sharma (shop here). This book is all about setting your intentions for the day and giving yourself time to prepare for anything you come across. This book recommends that you get up at 5am, but Manna advises that you get up two hours before the time you usually do. The reason she advises this is because at this time, you should accomplish 3 things:

  1. Meditation- First, take 20 minutes to peacefully meditate and clear your mind.

  2. Gratitude- Next, use the next 20 minutes to write down a list of what you’re grateful for in a journal, and/or manifest your future goals. She uses an app called “Five Minute Journal” to organize herself digitally.

  3. Exercise- Lastly, the following 20 minutes should be used to exercise in order to generate endorphins and get your blood flowing.

    These first 60 minutes of your morning set the tone for the rest of your day!

Also, there is NO​ technology allowed during this part of your day. Your mind, body, and soul are only focused on meditation, gratitude, and exercise.

2. More Planning!

The next hour is devoted to planning. On a daily basis, Manna juggles her business and personal life, so by planning her time beforehand, she is able to ease through each day and avoid any chaos that might arise. She advises that you write down your top priorities at the start of each day, and figure out exactly how you’re going to accomplish them (no matter if you’re working in public or from home). This has given Manna clarity, peace, and gets her hyper focused as soon as she arrives at her office.

3. Surround Yourself With People Who Are Knowledgeable In Your Industry

Manna has a “Think Tank!”, which is a group of people working within various areas of the industry, and she meets with them regularly to discuss current topics, as well as share what’s going on with everyone’s individual businesses. In addition, everyone shares their successes and challenges, so they can help each other work through them. This has helped Manna not only build strong relationships, but to also find like-minded people who understand the industry and can help advise solutions to challenges through different perspectives.

4. Phone Jail!

At Manna’s office, she has a phone jail that locks phones within it for a period of time, and she keeps it far away from her desk. You can shop it here. In general, it’s easy for phones to distract us on a daily basis, plus they steal our precious time, so this gadget locks her phone away and she allows herself to check it only after she completes a task fully. Phone jail has increased productivity immensely, so she highly recommends everyone to get one for themselves.

These are some activities that Manna Kadar does on a frequent basis, and she hopes that these tips help you to increase your productivity and get yourself on the way to success!


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