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The Beauty Of Success, Business Simplified: Part 5

The Beauty Of Success, Business Simplified: Part 5

Founder/CEO, Manna Kadar is always getting asked for advice on how to be successful in business and what got her to where she is today. Another one of her biggest tips is to work on building relationships with all the important people involved in your business. This has helped Manna cultivate her business tremendously throughout the years.

Let’s dive into the fifth part of our Secrets for Success video series, where Manna discusses the importance of building relationships!

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What Does “Building a Relationship” mean?

It means two people get together with a mutual purpose in mind. Think about all the people who surround you in life and how you are making those relationships impactful.

We are just going to discuss the business part of this.

Do your research!

It all starts with that initial contact with whomever you are meeting. Manna advises that you research your person of interest and get to know them beforehand. What do they like? Where do they work? What exciting things are currently happening in their company? Do your research! The reason why Manna does this is because when she eventually meets these people in person, she already has some context and is able to connect with them more.

Doing your homework to get to know the person you are going to meet can get you that much closer to securing that big ticket sale or nailing that interview!

What NOT to do: Go into an interview with a company and know nothing about them.

The research ahead of time will not only be a great icebreaker, but you’ll stand out and show the other person that you care.


Another thing that’s very important regarding building relationships is listening. For example, if the person you’re talking to mentions their kids, then maybe ask some questions about them or if you ever come across kid related items on a website, send the link that person. This is a great way to show that others that you’re always thinking about them and that you truly care about them. Relationships are all about getting to know the other person both personally and professionally.

Make Yourself Memorable!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you have met them in the past, but they have no idea that you’ve already met them? That’s because you didn’t make yourself memorable. Manna says to use your unique superpower trait you have to help capture that person’s attention. Is it your makeup that makes you standout? The way you dress? Your personality? Find out what makes you stand out from the crowd and this will make yourself seem present and memorable for the person you’re in front of.

Take Time To Build Your Relationships!

What Manna does differently at Manna Kadar Beauty is that she makes time in her calendar to cultivate her relationships. She meets with all her customers, including buyers and retailers, on a monthly basis to update them on new products, receive feedback, and let them know what our company is doing differently at the moment. This shows her customers that she always makes time for them and how important they are to her.

As you follow of these key points, over time, you’ll be surprised to see the amazing difference they make when maintaining relationships with all the important people in your life!


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