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The Beauty of Success, Business Simplified Part 4

People are always asking Founder/CEO Manna Kadar for advice on how to be successful in business and one of her biggest tips is to connect with new people in your industry since they will form your network and help take you to the next level!

Let’s dive into the fourth part of our Secrets for Success video series, where Manna discusses the power of networking!

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The Power Of Your Network!

Everyone you know is part of your network. These people are very important because they will ensure your success. Networking is a reciprocal relationship, so instead of networking for the sake of what they can do for you, figure out what can be done for the both of you.

One of the things that Manna encourages is that if you really want to meet and get to know someone, just simply ask the person who knows that person.
However, make sure you are respectful of their time, and that you get to know their background so your conversation is more meaningful and intentional.

Your network is powerful because it helps connect you to everyone that will eventually elevate you to the next level!

Why are these connections important, you ask?

1) Your connections will help each other as you move through your career --- they will help you find new opportunities and connect you with the right people.

The best opportunities of your life will come from YOUR NETWORK!

2) Your connections will also create a great sounding board & support system. If you’re

having any issues/trouble, or you want to share good news, these are your people.

Manna’s Tip: Make sure you don’t burn any bridges. The world is very large, but very small and industries are even smaller. Do the right thing, and this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Everyone that you meet is a networking opportunity. The term ‘Networking’ has sort of a negative connotation because it may sound like you’re trying to use the other person for business purposes, but at the end of the day, you are building relationships & friendships.

With that said, if you meet someone at an event, go up to them, say hello, and introduce yourself!

And if they happen to say something cool or you admire something about them, let them know! Lots of people appreciate this type of interaction, but make sure to always do it in a kind and meaningful way.

Key Takeaway:

Constantly build your network and meet new people along the way! Networking is one of the biggest keys of success!

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