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The Beauty of Success: Business Simplified Part 3

The Beauty of Success: Business Simplified Part 3

Founder/CEO Manna Kadar gets asked all of the time from people, “How do I become successful? What do I need to do?”, so she wants to share a few recommendations from personal experience that has helped lead her to where she wants to be in life.

Let’s dive into the third part of our Secrets for Success video series, where Manna shares extra tips that help guide her through each day as an entrepreneur.

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1. Education! Education! Education!

Education is one of the pillars that Manna feels so strongly about. Moving beyond high school and college, it’s essential that you become an expert within your career field by constantly learning new information about your industry. Continuously educate yourselves within your business and personal life! Manna uses an app called Masterclass, which allows users to take classes with professionals within various industries. Their videos are each about 15-20 minutes long, so Manna advises that you take a small portion of your time each day to learn from these videos, in order to take your education to the next level.

2. Philanthropy

This element is very near and dear to Manna’s heart. She grew up in an underprivileged community and it was the help from countless people/organizations that got her to where she is today. Because of this, Manna feels that it is her personal responsibility to pay it forward with philanthropy. She supports many organizations, including Miracles for Kids, Goodwill, and USC Marshall Alumni Association.However, philanthropy doesn’t necessarily mean only giving money---if you can give money, that’s great, but you can also volunteer your time and help someone else in need. This has always been a pillar for Manna’s success and drives her to do more, so she can give more. Think about what’s important to you, and how you can give back to your community and the world at large.

3. Celebrate & Support Others

Think about special events such as your birthday or anniversary when you received a fun gift or even a simple card that shows someone’s appreciation for you. According to Manna, it’s important to listen and recognize when something important is happening in someone else’s life, and celebrate them to show them how much you care.

Some ways you can celebrate others are by...

1. Sending them a card/e-card
2. Writing them a handwritten note

3. Putting together a themed gift box

During quarantine, we gifted our buyers and our friends beautiful self-care packages that included special goodies to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

All of these ideas let others know that you’re thinking of them and will help to strengthen relationships.

These are some recommendations from Manna Kadar that can help you progress towards whatever goals you strive to achieve in life.

Remember, you can do it! Take little steps every day and eventually you will reach the pinnacle of success!

Stay tuned for more business tips & tricks!


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